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"SCLR Partners" is a law firm specialized in Commercial Law, Customs Law in particular for the functioning of customs procedures with economic impact, Intellectual Property Law, Bank issues, etc. Three of the four partners of the firm, were senior officials of the Kosova Customs and due to their professional expertise, they have been continually engaged by business and governmental associations and from different companies that develop activities of foreign trade. Besides local companies, its clients are also international companies conducting business activities in Kosova, especially those which before the access to investments are interested for the legal infrastructure, climate and business conditions as well as other circumstances affecting the development of a stable business.


‘’SCLR Partners’’ was founded in 2007 by Hekuran Haxhimusa, Mr.sc, Master of Legal Sciences promoted at the University of Prishtina. Initially acted as an independent advocacy, wheres in 2008 the Company has joined two current partners and in 2011 another one, each of them with specific affinities for certain commercial areas. At the same time, the firm engages in its business other partners among its group of experts from the energetics, industrial, telecommunications, construction, etc., both within Kosova and the countries of the region, including Tirana, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Podgorica and Skopje. Its correspondence with clients our firm conducts in English, Albanian and Serbian-Crotian.

 On the basis of individual expertise and competence, with the ambition to interweaving the experiences gained and the average new age of the team, with the contemporary European orientation and approach towards the development of commercial law, SCLR Partners intends to acquire the full confidence of actual and future clients and with the level of offered services to be identified as a serious and irreplaceable partner of corporates which aim the Kosovar market.


Hekuran Haxhimusa, Lawyer and Partner

Cognitive and perennial practitioner of the Commercial Law, particularly for the corporations. An analyst of misleading and evasive deviations that occurred and occur in international trade, including the measures of the European Union in the field of prevention of smuggling, informal economy and corruption. He worked successfully several years as a Senior Representative of the Kosova Customs in the cases of representation before all Courts in Kosova, whether Criminal or Civil, concerning commercial disputes estimated in several millions Euro. Due to his managing skills, he has offered specific solutions to the Department of Human Resources and Legal Department in Kosova Customs.

 Mr. Haxhimusa has successfully represented before the Courts and other competent authorities some well-known corporations, in the protection of the rights deriving from industrial property and has provided acceptable legislative options, considering that this area is not sufficiently examined and practiced in the Kosovar circumstances. As the legal representative of some of the known local corporations, has arrived to successfully affirm the European business standards which promote the full freedom of business out of the state paternalism and has in continuation attacked the trends of the customs bureaucracy, inherited from the previous system for "gripping" the private business and putting barriers to the development of free trade under the Market Laws. He has successfully defended the interests of some corporations with a rich background in the field of prevention of tax evasion, for what possesses affinity and deep knowledge, in view of the fact that his expertise has been many times required and welcomed by special Governmental Agencies. With his emphasized sense and affinity, he focused the essential issues of Commercial Law in cases where the rights of importers are infringed, without any vacillation to address them to the Supreme Court.


Blerim Prestreshi, Lawyer and Partner

During his years of experience in representing commercial companies and the attendance of several professional training in this field, inside and outside of Kosova, has become affirmed in the business circles as a excellent connoisseur of Commercial Law. He imposes with his communication and negotiating skills, with accuracy and effectiveness while fulfilling the requirements of clients, with the desirous knowledge and certainly of recognition and interpretation of Commercial Legislation.

 He is discerned for the imposing effectiveness manifested during the process of establishment or the fusion of several local and international stock corporates, as well as for designation and acceptance of corporate statutory changes. He has manifested high professional competence in the following of the procedures of representing different companies during the intensive process of privatization in Kosova, while making them operational with the transformation from socialy-owned properties to private properties.

 Currently he’s the Chairman of the Practitioners Committee of Kosova Chamber of Advocates, where with his ideas and initiatives has given a significant contribution to improve and enrich the quality of training the practitioners with new methods and applying standards and innovations same as of Advocate Chambers in the countries of the European Union. His willingness to be involved in all courses of business relationships with the countries of the region, have made his opinion required in numerous meetings of corporate community in which he participated.


Dardan Shala, Business Consultant

Before the foundation of SCLR Partners, has worked 8 years for Kosova Customs Service, initially as a customs officer, while from 2004-2008 has been manager of the Sector for Customs Procedures with economic impact. He is also known as the founder of the Sector of Customs Procedures at the Customs Service of Kosova and at the time when he managed this sector, Customs were distinguished for facilitation of business. Has actively participated in the creation of a free market environment by eliminating bureaucratic barriers and promoting equal opportunities for all economic operators that were active in Kosova. He is also known as one of the authors of the Customs Code of Kosova from 2008, in which case his competent expertise has essentially contributed to the promotion of customs procedures with economic impact, according to the principles and standards of the European Union. In addition, during the time when he served at the Customs, has contributed in capacity of external chief-auditor in which case he made professional audits to the most prominent companies in Kosova, whereas by the training that conducted for the senior managers and financial managers, has contributed significantly for the acquisition of modern methods of business. Several times has been invited and has contributed in seminars and professional workshops held in the countries of the region, but also in member countries of the EU.

 He is licensed for interpretation of legal provisions on special treatment of diplomatic and consular personnel. Furthermore, he is licensed as an expert for identification and protection of industrial property (patent, trademark and Industrial Design) and is an authorized agent of several well-known Companies to protect their intellectual property for the Western Balkan region. He participated in Diplomacy Dialogue training held in Geneva in which case the program’s target was the elucidation of legal and economic aspects of trade, with particular emphasis in terms of regional and global collaborations.

 Mr. Shala in commercial circles in Kosova has demonstrated significant affinity for designing the new modules in the system of automatic data processing, in particular for companies that follow the procedures with economic impact and financial. In addition, he is an confirmed expert for determination of customs values of goods, for customs tariff and the origin of goods, for what his expertises and opinions have been required many times by Government Agencies including Commercial Chambers.





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